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Each year, since 2014, ĭmáGen selects a new musical to be presented in concert on the Pasant stage at Wharton Center.

This new musical is workshopped under the guidance of a Broadway-caliber director, two professional actors in leading roles, the creative team of the chosen musical, and the leadership of MSU’s College of Arts and Letters’ Department of Theatre and Wharton Center for Performing Arts.

The program becomes a vivid learning experience for both college and high school actors who are cast alongside professionals in the production each year.


Auditions for the 9thannual ĬmáGen are now open. For more information please email Ben English at Wc.ben.english@whartoncenter.com.

Previous ĭmáGen musicals

  • 2021 Particle
    Book, Music, and Lyrics by Selda Sahin & Derek Gregor 
  • 2019 Dr. Fox and The Impossible Cure For Death 
    Book and Music by Benedict Braxton-Smith
    Book and Lyrics by Megan Peterse
  • 2018 One Good Day 
    Book and Lyrics by Liz Suggs, Music by Rona Siddiqui
  • 2017 We Foxes 
    Book, Music, and Lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver 
  • 2016 Temple
    Music by Norman Durkee, Additional Music by Constantine Kitsopoulos, Book and Lyrics by Sylvia Peto
  • 2015 For Tonight
    Music and Lyrics by Shenelle Williams Book by Whitney Rhodes, Shenelle Williams and Spencer Williams

Imagen is made possible is part by MSU University Outreach and Engagement.