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Wharton Center is dedicated to sharing the power of the performing arts with our community.

We are all in this together. Whether you are submitting a performance for our virtual talent show, or watching a video of an incredible performance, our purpose is to make life more meaningful through experiencing the performing arts, even virtually.

Wharton Center will continue to offer dynamic programming, education, and outreach. Join us here and on our social media pages as we strive to share our stories and share the arts with our community.

Learn 'A Chorus Line' with Debbie Williams

Dancers, have we got a routine for you! Check out this great lesson and learn this routine from 'A Chorus Line.'

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Tap Lesson: The Time Step

Interested in Tap Dance? Well here's a tutorial on how to do the 'Time Step.' This is one of the foundations of tap dance!

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The First Rule of Improv

Interested in learning improv? Take part in this great lesson from Wharton Center Artist in Residence, Sarah Hendrickson and MSU Department of Theatre Students!

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The Second Rule of Improv: "Yes, and"

Join Sarah Hendrickson and MSU Department of Theatre students for another great course on improv. What's the second rule, and how do you use it? Find out!

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Centering Yoga with Janet Colson

Start your day off with a great mini-session of Yoga with Janet Colson. It's important to remember to get up, stretch, and take a break, so bookmark this whenever you need to get up and move.

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The Third Rule of Improv

Join Improv at a Glance, as they play some fun games, to teach us about the third rule of improv: To make statements.

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The Fourth Rule of Improv

Improv at a Glace is at it again, with the fourth rule of improv: There are no mistakes. Hone your improv skills with this great lesson, and let us know what else you would like to see in the comments below!

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Six Dance Routine

We have a great one for you today: Learn the finale routine from SIX the Musical.

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Garden Ballet Dance Lesson for Kids

Do you have a little dancer in your home? Check out this great basic ballet lesson, that will get the whole family moving!

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Improv: Going with the flow & working with scene partners

This episode of Improv at a Glance teaches us how to go with the flow when working with scene partners. Plus, hear the potential new Improv Group Name!

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Improv at a Glance: Guessing Games

Improv at a Glance is back with some fun games to play that will help you hone your improv skills.

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Story Time: Miss Nelson Has A Field Day

Join Wharton Center for a special storytime reading of, Miss Nelson Has a Field Day. Hear all about how "The notorious Miss Swamp reappears at the Horace B. Smedley School, this time to shape up the football team and help them to win at least one game."

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Imagination Game


This one is for the kids: It's time for some animal stretches and a great imagination game!

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Virtual Talent Show

Participate with #getyourwhARTon and tag @WhartonCenter on instagram. 

Sutton Foster Awards Videos

Each May, high school musical stars from across Michigan are professionally judged in their local productions for the opportunity to compete on the Wharton Center Cobb Great Hall stage. This year, we are celebrating their accomplishments virtually. 

Sponsored by Nancy Passanante.