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Rent a Reception Space

To rent a conference room submit the online request form.  If you have any questions please contact Nina Silbergleit at (517) 884‑3119 or [email protected].


Wolfram Green Room

The Wolfram Green Room is a 22-seat conference room located right outside the main lobby of Wharton Center. It is Wharton Center’s largest conference room, with room for 22-60 people, making it a perfect spot for your meeting or small reception.

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Jackson Donor Lounge

Jackson Donor Lounge

The Jackson Lounge is the larger of Wharton Center’s two lounge spaces. With seating for up to 160 (seated) or 250 (standing), it has been used as a performance area for spoken word and music, a reception space, a workshop area, and more. Although technology capabilities are limited, the Jackson Lounge is one of the most versatile spaces available.

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Christman Lounge and Lobby

The Christman Lounge is a smaller lounge space, with seating for 88 (seated) up to 140 (standing). As the more intimate of the lounges, the Christman has been used as a smaller performance space, a meeting area, and a small reception space. Both the Christman and the Jackson lounges share the same technology capabilities.

The Christman Lobby, located between the Christman Lounge and the entrance to the Pasant Theatre, can act as add-on space for both the Jackson Lounge and the Christman Lounge.

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The Grand Foyer

The Grand Foyer of Wharton Center is located just outside the main doors to Cobb Great Hall. This large space has the capacity for almost any event needs, from hanging art work on the wall to refreshment tables. The Grand Foyer can fit 150 people (seated) to 800 people (standing), and is the perfect spot for your personalized reception or special event.

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Stoddard Grand Tier Lounge

Stoddard Grand Tier Lounge is the upper-level lobby space outside the tier in Cobb Great Hall. The space features several notable works of art, as well as a coat rack area and concession stand. The Grand Tier Lounge holds regular Insight PreView events for Wharton Center performances, and can be used for small audience events or receptions.

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Entrance Plaza

The Entrance Plaza serves as the outdoor courtyard area in front of Wharton Center. With a beautiful garden and several statues and works of art on the grounds, this unique space can be used for almost any kind of event. In the past, groups have utilized the space for pre-show receptions, outdoor performances, and resource fairs.

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