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Leave a lasting legacy by creating or contributing to an endowment at Wharton Center. When you make an endowment gift, your gift is invested. A portion of the earnings from the endowment is spent annually in accordance with the terms of the endowment. Because Wharton Center can plan on a fairly consistent contribution from endowment earnings, these gifts provide for the long-term financial success of the organization.

With a gift of $50,000 or more, donors can create an endowment bearing their name to support their favorite activity. Currently Wharton Center has endowments supporting everything from arts education to musical theatre to classical music and jazz performances. Each endowment allows Wharton Center to provide programming that may not be possible without private support.

Renewable Seats are available to donors who make a one-time gift of $50,000 or more to one of Wharton Center’s unrestricted endowment funds.

Endowments provide a foundation of stability and support. Gifts to endowments are made with the understanding that the principal is continually preserved and the total amount of the gift is invested. Each year, only a portion of the interest earned is spent while the remainder reverts to principal. In this respect, an endowment is a perpetual gift.

Wharton Center gratefully acknowledges those individuals/organizations that have funded named endowments through gifts of cash or their estate plans.

  • John D. Barkham Endowment
  • Kenneth C. Beachler Arts Management Internship
  • Stuart and Judy Birn Endowment for Youth Tickets
  • John L. and Marie J. Black Endowment for Broadway and Education
  • Thomas & David Block-Easterday Endowment for Jazz Performance
  • Charles & Kathleen Bonneau Endowment
  • Michael and Margaret Brand Endowment for Arts Education
  • John R. and Martha L. Brick Endowment for Classical Music/Education
  • Christine B. and Gregory D. Brogan Endowment for Dance Performance
  • April M. Clobes and Glen F. Brough Endowment for Dance
  • Kevin and Lauri Draggoo Endowment for Volunteerism and Community Engagement
  • Endowment for Arts Education
  • Maxine A. Eyestone Endowment
  • Foster Swift Collins & Smith Law Firm Endowment for Jazz Performance and Education
  • Robin & Sharron Frucci Endowment
  • Joe and Betty Gadaleto Endowment for Performing Arts Internship
  • Dr. Shahriar & Dokhy Ghoddousi Endowment
  • Maxwell Asa & LeAnn B. Goodwin Endowment
  • Glenn D. and Sherry K. Granger Endowment for Family Performance/Education
  • Gilbert & Susanna Harrell Endowment for Arts Education
  • Michael G. & Deborah L. Harrison Endowment for Arts Education
  • Robert & Carol Hildorf Endowment for Jazz Performance and Education
  • The Elizabeth Hoger and Lisa Swem Endowment for Arts Education
  • Stanley & Selma Hollander Endowment
  • Stanley & Selma Hollander Endowment for Chamber Music
  • Meegan Holland Endowment for Music, Dance and Theatre
  • Annie D. & Robert A. Holmes Perennial Garden Endowment
  • Marcia & Mark Hooper Endowment for Performing Arts Education
  • Carol & Ronald Horowitz Endowment for Youth Access to the Arts
  • In The Wings @ Wharton Center
  • Inner Circle Endowment for Arts Education
  • Jazz and Classical Music Endowment
  • The Jackie Killingsworth Endowment for Arts Education
  • The Hari Kern and late Ralph Edminster, M.D. Endowment for Arts Education
  • Warren M. Kifferstein Discretionary Endowment
  • Bonnie & Robert Knutson Endowment for Musical Theatre
  • Larry P. Lee Endowment for Youth & Family Access to the Arts
  • Joseph and Jeanne Maguire Endowment for Jazz
  • Mansfield Family Foundation Endowment for Seats 4 Kids
  • Martha Miller Maxwell Endowment for Arts Education
  • Joanne N. and E. Jerome McCarthy Endowment for Arts Education
  • Richard D. McLellan Endowment for Dance Performance
  • Patrick and Victoria McPharlin Endowment for Arts Education
  • MSU Federal Credit Union Broadway Endowment
  • MSU Federal Credit Union Institute for Arts and Creativity Endowment
  • Dennis & Deborah Muchmore Backstage Endowment
  • Patricia K. Munshaw and Dana Munshaw Brazil Endowment for Arts Education
  • William R. & Denise Nielsen Management Internship
  • Nancy S. Passanante Endowment for Arts Education
  • Betty Price Retail Management Internship Endowment
  • Shelley and Richard Pulliam Endowment for Youth Tickets
  • Tom and Mary Kay Shields Endowment for Musical Theatre
  • Arlene and Lawrence Sierra Family Endowment for Arts Education
  • Sharon Kouts Skinner Endowment
  • Drs. Lou A. and Roy J. Simon Endowment for Jazz Performance/Education
  • Richard C. and Sharon M. Smith Endowment
  • Karen E. Spak and Dale K. Howe Endowment for Arts Education
  • Harvey and Barbara Sparks Endowment for Arts Education
  • Frank A. Tegge Discretionary Endowment
  • Joe & Maggie Trevino Performing Arts Education
  • Watson-Shannon Management Internship
  • Richard D. Weingartner Arts Education Endowment
  • Wharton Center Endowment
  • Wharton Center Endowment for Jazz
  • Joan Wright Endowment for Young Playwrights Festival and Arts Education
  • William Wright Endowment for New Works & Initiatives​

For additional information about supporting Wharton Center by becoming a Circle Member or corporate sponsor; making a gift to an endowment; or leaving a legacy through a bequest or estate planning, contact Doug Miller at (517) 884-3112 or Kristen Calabrese at (517) 884-3140 in the development office.

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