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Seats 4 Kids

Do you remember how it felt?

Sitting on the edge of your velvety seat in a big theater, watching the magic of a musical unfolding in front of your 8-year-old self? Or watching your child experience a live show for the first time, eyes wide, feet not yet touching the floor?

Your gift to Seats 4 Kids can help ensure every child has that story to tell.

Contributions provide tickets to economically disadvantaged children and families through local community service organizations and Title I schools as well as scholarships to education programs.

The Seats 4 Kids program offers scholarship tickets for children and families to attend sensory-friendly performances free of cost. These performances are designed to create a supportive and welcoming environment for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other sensory sensitivities.

Your gift can send one child to a performance or make it possible for an entire class to share an unforgettable experience.