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Artist in Residence

An artist-in-residence is a professional performer with a dual role as a “teaching artist.” During a multi-day stay on campus and in the community, an artist-in-residence shares his or her expertise and insights on creativity during close interaction with youth and adult learners.

Wharton Center’s Artists-in-Residence programs provide a nurturing environment for students to engage in the creative process and to discover the fundamental value of performing arts.

Stuart Pimsler

Transforming the Doctor-Patient Relationship: Telling the Story is a collaboration between the Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater, MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine and Wharton Center. During a 3-day residency, Stuart Pimsler and Suzanne Costello, artistic co-directors, will reconsider issues relating to the doctor-patient relationship. The focus of their work integrates the arts through story-telling and non-verbal exercises that invite participants to explore their individual, creative expression. Since 1992, Pimsler and Costello have traveled worldwide offering their Caring for the Caregiver Programs for thousands of healthcare providers.

This residency is made possible in part by the College of Osteopathic Medicine and University Outreach and Engagement.


This unique collaboration between the Wharton Center Institute for Arts & Creativity and Happendance modern dance company and school (established in 1976) will bring professional teaching artists to Lewton Elementary of the Lansing School District.

Alarmed by cuts to dance education programs in the region, the Institute and Happendance felt it was critical to create a residency that would restore some of what has been lost and keep young people learning through the arts. The residency will be overseen by Institute director Bert Goldstein and Happendance artistic director Diane Newman and will involve several of the dance company’s dancer/teaching artists.

A four-month series of Master Classes will focus on dance integration and connecting dance to other academic areas with Lansing School District students from Lewton Elementary.

Stratford Shakespeare

The MSU Federal Institute for Arts & Creativity at Wharton Center for Performing Arts and the Stratford Shakespeare Festival continue to collaborate to bring their unique approach and to Shakespeare to learners throughout the state of Michigan.

North America’s largest classical repertory theatre, the internationally renowned Stratford Shakespeare Festival of Canada, partners with Michigan State University Federal Credit Union Institute for Arts & Creativity for a series of annual teaching residencies. The residency provides students and teachers with opportunities to meet professional theatre artists, gain insights into the creative process, and explore the works of classical playwrights through master classes and lecture-demonstrations. During the residency, participants have extensive opportunities to learn about and experience stage combat and movement, costume and set design, acting, voice coaching and more.


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Stratford Immersion

In November, 20 carefully selected high school students from Lansing area schools will be invited to spend an entire week immersed in Shakespeare with the extraordinary actor/teaching artists from the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. This is a rare and unique opportunity for selected students to gain tremendous insight into Shakespeare by working on the plays themselves with Stratford artists.