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The health and safety of our patrons, artists, and staff remain our top priority.  

Ticket Holder Notice 

For the safety and security of our patrons, performers, staff and volunteers, Wharton Center has implemented the following UPDATED policy effective January 1, 2022. 

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is required to attend any performance at Wharton Center for patrons 12 and older.  

  • Ticket holders may display proof of vaccination by showing their original vaccination card, a copy of the card or a digital photo on a smartphone. 
  • In addition, ticket holders must show a photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport. 
  • Michigan State University students, faculty and staff can show their University ID as proof of compliance with the university's vaccine mandate. 
  • Full vaccination means that at least 14 days have passed since receiving the second dose of FDA or WHO authorized double-dose vaccines or that 14 days have passed since receiving the sole dose of FDA authorized or WHO aproved single-dose vaccines. 
  • At this time, a booster vaccine is not required for entry. 

Patrons who are unvaccinated must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken no more than 72 hours prior to the performance they are attending.  

  • PCR and medically administered rapid antigen test results will be accepted. Over-the-counter or at-home COVID-19 test results are not accepted.
  • Proof must include the results, a time stamp within 72 hours of your performance time, your name AND be presented with a photo ID. 

Patrons 11 and under are not required to be vaccinated or tested, however, they must be accompanied by an adult who meets the above requirements. 

All visitors entering Wharton Center must wear a mask for the duration of their visit regardless of vaccination status. 

If you are unable to comply with the updated COVID-19 protocols and would like a refund, please contact the Ticket Office by email at wharton@msu.edu or phone at (517) 432-2000 for information on how to proceed.

It is the responsibility of the ticket purchaser to communicate COVID-19 safety protocol information to whomever they may be providing tickets. 

If a ticket holder becomes ill, they may contact the Ticket Office for a refund up to three days prior to the scheduled event. Tickets purchased from a third party cannot be refunded by Wharton Center. 

COVID-19 health and safety protocols continue to evolve. Wharton Center presents the best in performing arts from all over the world. As a presenter, Wharton Center will implement all COVID-19 protocols as required by each artist/show contract. Please review the event page for your performance for more information on requirements. 

Prior to Your Visit

  • Wharton Center will communicate our policies directly with the person who made the ticket purchase. In addition to policies posted on our website, a series of emails will be sent prior to each Wharton Center presented performance with policy reminders and tips to the person who made the ticket purchase. It is the responsibility of the ticket purchaser to share this information with whomever they are providing tickets.   
  • A link to each performance’s digital program book will be included in the Helpful Tips email sent two days before your event. 
  • Wharton Center is currently selling tickets at full capacity and will not have physically distanced seating in our theatres.   
  • Please distribute mobile or paper tickets to each member of your party before entering the facility. 
  • If a ticket holder becomes ill, they may contact the Ticket Office for a refund up to three days prior to the scheduled event. 

What to Expect When you Arrive

  • Wharton Center staff and volunteers will wear face masks and are required to be vaccinated or have received an exemption. 
  • Patrons who do not comply with COVID-19 policies will not be permitted entry into the facility or may be escorted out of the facility.  
  • Food and beverages will not be allowed inside the theatres, and
    concession stands are currently closed. Water fountains with disposable
    cups will be available. See individual event pages for updates on offerings in the Jackson Donor Lounge.
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures are in place. 
  • Wharton Center’s HVAC system has been tested and balanced using Merv13 filters. 
  • Restrooms have been updated with touchless toilets and sinks, and hand sanitizing dispensers are available throughout the theatre lobbies. 
  • Binocular rentals are currently unavailable. 
  • Assisted Listening Devices will be available; however, patrons are encouraged to bring their own headsets.  
  • When exiting the theatre, we ask for your patience and to exit in an orderly manner. Please refrain from gathering in groups outside the theatre and move promptly to exit doors. 

Vaccination and Mask FAQs

Unvaccinated patrons must show a negative COVID-19 test. Your test must list the results and a time stamp within 72 hours before your performance time. 

What tests are accepted?

PCR and medically administered rapid antigen tests are accepted. Results should include your name, results, and time stamp. Over-the-counter or at-home COVID-19 test results are not accepted.

What qualifies as a negative result?

Your results must show negative or no evidence of COVID-19 infection. The results must be time stamped within 72 hours before your performance time.

How do I show proof of a negative COVID-19 test?

Please bring with you a digital or print copy of your negative results and a photo ID.  

Do kids need to be vaccinated or tested?

Children 11 and under do not need to be vaccinated or show a negative COVID-19 test. However, they must be accompanied by an adult who is compliant with the COVID policy and wear a mask while inside Wharton Center. 

Do I need to show a photo ID along with my vaccination card or negative test result?

Ticketholders must show a photo ID, such as a drivers’ license or passport, along with their vaccination card or negative test results. However, ticketholders 17 and under do not need to show an ID if accompanied by an adult who is complaint with the COVID policy. 

Does the updated COVID policy apply to all events at Wharton Center?

The proof of vaccination or negative test results applies to any ticketed event at Wharton Center. 

Is a vaccine booster shot required as part of the vaccination proof?

At this time a booster is not required to be “vaccinated” under the COVID policy. 

Do MSU Students and Staff need to show their proof of vaccination?

MSU student, staff and faculty can show their University ID as proof of compliance with the university vaccine mandate. 

Can I show a digital vaccination card through an app?

Yes, a digital vaccination confirmation is acceptable but must clearly show your name and the dates of each vaccination. A photo ID must be presented as well.

Do children 17 and under need to show photo ID?

No, patrons 17 and under do not need to show photo ID if accompanied by an adult who is compliant with the COVID policy.

What type of masks are accepted?

According to MSU's mandate, face coverings should:

  • be non-medical grade to maintain supplies for health care use,
  • fit snugly against the side of your face,
  • cover your nose and mouth,
  • be secured with ties or ear loops, and
  • allow for breathing without restriction.

Cloth face coverings should only be worn for one day at a time, and they must be properly hand washed or laundered with soap/detergent before subsequent use. Face coverings may vary (for example, disposable non-medical masks are acceptable).

The following do not constitute face coverings for purposes of these Directives: face coverings with exhalation valves, vents, or other openings; face shields only (without face covering); or face coverings with single-layer fabric or thin fabric that does not block light.

Will there be onsite testing available?

No, there are no plans to offer onsite testing at this time.

What if I have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 90 days and won't be able to show a negative test?

Individuals who are unvaccinated and have recently tested positive (but have been released from isolation) are told not to test for 90 days. In these cases, Wharton Center will accept a public health release letter or a letter from a physician on office letterhead, which includes your name and is dated within 90 days of the event in place of a recent negative test.

What if I lost my vaccination card?

It is recommended that you contact your doctor, clinic, pharmacy, or location where you were immunized. Photos of your vaccination card will also be accepted. A negative COVID-19 test can also be used for entry. If you have been immunized in the State of Michigan, you may be able to download your Immunization Record from the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR). https://mdhhsmiimmsportal.state.mi.us/

May I bring my own food and drink into the theatre?

No food or beverage is currently allowed in the theatre. Water is available at drinking fountains with disposable cups on every level of our theatres.

Events with Increased Protocols 

Increased protocols are required for the following events:

Lansing Symphony Orchestra Events

All patrons must provide either Proof of Full Vaccination for COVID-19 OR a Negative COVID-19 Test upon entry to any LSO concert at any venue. 

Proof of vaccination or negative test can be a physical copy or photo display on your mobile device of vaccination record or test and must be accompanied with a valid Photo ID. 

Accepted vaccines are those currently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or World Health Organization (WHO). 

Patrons will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  “Fully vaccinated” means your last dose was at least 14 days prior to your visit. 

Patrons, including children under the age of 12, who are not fully vaccinated, will need to provide proof of a negative PCR COVID-19 test conducted within 72 hours or a negative Antigen (Rapid) test within 24 hours of your visit. 

All Patrons must wear a face mask, regardless of vaccination status.  

Masks must be worn inside all areas and for the duration of the performance. 

Masks must meet CDC standards and cover mouth and nose. A face shield may be worn in addition to a mask, but not instead of one. Neck gaiters, bandanas, or masks with exhalation vents are not permitted. 

Those arriving without an appropriate face covering will be provided a disposable face mask. 

Those who do not wish to comply with the protocol will be asked to leave the theatre. 

COVID-19 related health protocols may be in effect at the time of performance, including some or all of the following, without limitation, required: mask or face coverings, proof of full vaccination for COVID-19 or proof of a negative COVID-19 Test, temperature checks, confirmation of prior travel to high-risk areas and/or confirmation of no known symptoms of and exposure to COVID-19. We reserve the right to unilaterally make changes to health protocols according to updated public health guidance, law, or regulations of MSU Administration. Any visitors, including ticket holders who do not comply with any COVID-19 related health protocol, may be required to leave the theater, and their ticket will not be refunded. 

For the latest information from MSU regarding COVID-19, visit msu.edu/together-we-will.

Contact the Wharton Center Ticket Office at wharton@msu.edu with any questions or concerns.