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May 6, 2021

Everett Dance Program's "I AM" Project with Inlet Dance Theatre selected to be featured at the Michigan Youth Arts Festival

Everett Dance Program's "I AM" Project, in collaboration with Inlet Dance Theatre and the Wharton Center, was selected to be featured at the Michigan Youth Arts Festival in May 2021.

Michigan Youth Arts Festival, the prestigious multidisciplinary preprofessional arts festival, takes place annually on the campus of Western Michigan University. High School arts programs of all disciplines adjudicate work to be featured every spring semester, and once granted entry, students are able to spend three days on Western's campus- taking master classes in their chosen discipline, staying in the dorms, and performing in a curated concert of the highest caliber of young artists in the state. Michigan Youth Arts Festival is considered the premier youth arts festival and is the most prestigious festival of its kind in the state.

Michigan Dance Council, the statewide dance organization that coordinates the dance division of Michigan Youth Arts Festival, hosted virtual submissions for high school dance programs to be adjudicated for entry into this year's festival, and invited Everett Dance to submit a work. The adjudication process as well as the Festival in May are virtual, and thus a virtually crafted dance work was submitted by Everett Dance.

Acceptance into this year's festival is particularly special for Everett Dance. Not only did a piece that was created entirely virtually accepted, but also this piece was made in collaboration with and under the facilitation of the amazing Inlet Dance Theatre and their leadership, Bill Wade. This virtual residency was generously funded by the MSU Federal Credit Union Institute for Arts & Creativity Donors, April Clobes and Glen Brough in the fall of 2020.

This acceptance to MYAF is additionally very exciting because this is the first time in over fifteen years that Everett will be attending the Michigan Youth Arts Festival.

Thanks to funding from the Lansing School District, Everett Dance students will participate in the Festival's virtual master classes, and the "I AM" project will be featured in the Festival's Dance Concert on Saturday, May 15, 2021.

Everett Dance wants to give a special THANK YOU to Inlet Dance Theatre and the amazing leadership there (Bill Wade, and dancers Katie Knettel and Stephanie Roston), and also to the Wharton Center's MSUFCU Institiute for Arts & Creativity and their leadership (Bert Goldstein), and also to the leadership of the Wharton Center and the two generous donors of the "I AM" project, April Clobes and Glen Brough.

Visit Michigan Youth Art Association's Website for more information on the Festival

Sponsored by April Clobes and Glen Brough.

Wharton Center Institute for Arts and Creativity