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Traffic Advisory & Parking on Home Football Game Days

MSU home football games may impact traffic and parking for Wharton Center patrons.  Wharton Center patrons will be sent an email alert regarding how they will be impacted so plans can be made accordingly.  Wharton Center also recommends checking the MSU football schedule in order to plan ahead.

Parking on campus including the ramp adjacent to Wharton Center, MSU Ramp 3/Lot 19, is operated solely by MSU Police and Parking Services.  Parking is available for all MSU visitors regardless of the event they are attending.  Once Ramp 3 capacity is reached, MSU parking services will direct visitors to the next available lot, most are within a 10 minute walk to Wharton Center.  Additionally, many roads on and around campus may be closed to incoming traffic at the end of a football game and therefore it is essential for Wharton Center patrons to plan accordingly.

Traffic Routes

Arriving before kick-off

  • The best cross campus routes will be Shaw Lane and Service Road. 
  • Wilson Road is closed between Harrison Road and Red Cedar.
  • Expect heavier vehicle and pedestrian traffic on and around the MSU campus and East Lansing.
  • Allow extra travel time.

Arriving during a football game in progress

  • Most campus roads are open
  • No expected traffic delays

Wharton Center events beginning at 7:30pm/8:00pm

  • Wharton Center events beginning at 7:30pm/8:00pm are likely to experience considerable delays due to 3:30/4:00pm football game end time.
  • Plan for significant delays as outbound football traffic and high pedestrian volume will impede travel to Wharton Center. Many roads will be closed. 
  • Open routes will have incoming Wharton Center traffic converging with outbound football traffic. Allow extra time for navigating campus detours and parking.

Open roads to Wharton Center

  • Grand River to southbound Bogue Street to eastbound Shaw Lane
  • Northbound Hagadorn to westbound Grand River to southbound Bogue Street to eastbound Shaw Lane
  • Eastbound Trowbridge to southbound Harrison Road to eastbound Service Road to northbound Bogue Street to eastbound Wilson Road

Closed roads impacting Wharton Center routes

  • Southbound Hagadorn from Grand River to Shaw Lane
  • Westbound Shaw Lane from Hagadorn Road to Bogue Street
  • Westbound Service Road from Hagadorn Road to Bogue Street
  • Eastbound Wilson Road from Harrison Road to Red Cedar Road
  • Eastbound Trowbridge Road from Chestnut Road to Red Cedar Road
  • Northbound Harrison Road from Mt.Hope Road to Shaw Lane
  • Southbound Harrison Road from Kalamazoo Street to Trowbridge Road
  • Northbound Farm Lane from Mt. Hope to Service Road

This list is not all inclusive.